Audience Development
Opening Masterclass with Kevin Kleinmann

Premiere: 23rd March @ M.M.M. Platform

We meet in a very unique time, in the midst of a global pandemic, mindful of its consequences and the recession that will undoubtedly follow. How can we see the glass as being half full, in spite of the current situation?

The impact of the arts on well-being, growing up with classical music, the elderly and the sense of companionship, creative ideas for engaging audiences with disabilities. A global perspective. The science of fundraising and different models of funding used in different parts of the world. Thoughts on sustainable orchestra touring, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the development and expansion of new technologies. How can we integrate ensembles into the cultural landscape of new destinations? How can music institutions evolve, grow and develop with their audiences? How do we cultivate the audience of tomorrow?

Join Kevin Kleinmann as he reflects on managing arts projects in this specific context, outlining new perspectives and opportunities for open-minded participants.

The Masterclass is now available to watch on the M.M.M. Platform.
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We will address your questions during a live session with Kevin Kleinmann, to take place on Tuesday April 27th at 2pm CET.
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