The interdisciplinarity of the arts is becoming more and more common and our audiences seek diverse aesthetic incentives that will allow them to actively participate in a cultural experience. It is a creative process based on a dialogue between artist-spectator, artist-listener in search of new forms of artistic expression, exploring current issues with new tools and technologies, approaching the world’s challenges through versatile means and methods
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Art Curation
In his opening Masterclass, Stanisław Ruksza speaks about how to release some new meanings of the old topics; how to extract different meanings from an artwork. He talks about the predispositions of a curator’s profession and a broad understanding of curatorship today: a curator as a scientist, a researcher, a co-creator, an artist, an interpreter, a mediator between the artist and the audience, a philosopher, a charismatic enthusiast, an efficient producer who knows how to look for resources, a freethinker who is willing to experience the unknown and who is not afraid to interrogate the established canons.

Masterclass is available on the M.M.M. Platform after the registration.

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Art Curation
This module is addressed to: free thinkers, students, graduates of Art Academies; employees of art organisations who wish to broaden their knowledge; aspiring curators, programmers, independent artists who want to upskill in management and event production.

Candidates interested in applying will provide: a current CV, a short support statement and a written assignment (for details go to the Application Form).

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Art Curation
The module will look at the art of curating; curator's experience and art criticism; artist in residence programmes, working relations with artists; labour law; exhibition installation from an artist's perspective; exhibition coordination, budgets and finance, tools and techniques in exhibition production.

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Art Curation
Duration: 5 weeks

Start date: Friday 28/05

Webinar schedule*:
Friday 28/05 @ 2pm – 4pm
Friday 04/06 @ 2pm – 5pm
Saturday 05/06 @ 2pm – 5pm
Friday 11/06 @ 2pm – 3pm
Friday 18/06 @ 2pm – 3pm
Friday 25/06 @ 4pm – 5pm & 5.30pm – 6.30pm

*The webinar schedule is subject to minor changes.

Class format: online courses will take place in real time including elements of interaction with your tutors.

Certificate: At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion

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