Introducing artistic personalities, promotion of the most compelling art and talents from all over the world. Skilful promotion and management in terms of artistic development of ensembles and soloists to ensure the highest level of performance thus increasing the organisation’s appeal.
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Artist Management
In his opening Masterclass, Gregor Kotow talks about the history of the of the Artist Manager profession; the business aspect vs. the passion for music; why and how to choose artists; what is the Manager-Artist relationship like? We invite you to watch the video featuring conversations with artists represented by the LIU KOTOW International Management & Promotion: cellist Camille Thomas and cellist Anastasia Kobekina.

Masterclass is available on the M.M.M. Platform after the registration here:

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27-04-2021, 17:21:42
Artist Management
This module is addressed to students & graduates of Art Academies; employees of art organisations who wish to broaden their knowledge; aspiring producers, managers, independent artists and musicians who want to upskill in management and event production.

Candidates interested in applying will provide: a current CV, a short support statement and a written assignment (for details go to the Application Form).

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Artist Management
The module will look at such aspects as long-term planning and personal management, building sustainable career, creating artist’s brand, supporting emerging talents, project planning and implementation, touring management, music management in a local and international context.

Who will you learn with? Meet your Tutors

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Artist Management
Duration: 5 weeks, approx. 2h per week

Start date: Wednesday 26/05

Webinar schedule*: Wednesdays @ 2pm-4pm CET
Wednesday 26/05
Wednesday 02/06
Wednesday 09/06
Wednesday 16/06
Wednesday 23/06

*The webinar schedule is subject to minor changes.

Class format: online courses will take place in real time including elements of interaction with your tutors.

Certificate: At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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