Welcome to M.M.M., an educational programme aimed at aspiring arts professionals. The project took place over two years in 2021-2022 and was co-funded by the EEA Grants. Led by Szczecin Philharmonic Hall in partnership with TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art (Poland) and Fjord Cadenza Festival (Norway).
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Jak czerpać z dotychczasowych doświadczeń, aby wnieść świeżą perspektywę do sal koncertowych? Kreować, inspirować, tworzyć nowoczesną filharmonię. Projekt Music.Multimedia.Management. przyniósł mnóstwo inspirujących wniosków, z których z pewnością będziemy czerpać w swojej pracy.
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As we bid farewell to 2022, the M.M.M. project has come to an end. What a fantastic journey it has been!

When two years ago we were introducing the idea of Music.Multimedia.Management., the project seemed challenging and complex and… it certainly was! An ambitious endeavour set out by the Szczecin Philharmonic has materialised in a way that surpassed our expectations.

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19-12-2022, 21:38:14
The interview with Ursula Haselböck culminates a series of interviews with specialists from the arts sector, a series produced by Arth Pixels as part of M.M.M.

Get to know the perspective of someone who has been successfully advancing the festival's mission to make music accessible everywhere and to everyone. Penetrating the countryside of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, music here reaches remote corners away from the glitz of big cities. In unusual locations such as a castle, a small church, a barn or a factory, Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern stages dozens of concerts a year with the local community, thousands of guests from neighboring states and international stars.

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The seventh episode in this series is an invitation to the world of opera and a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of working in opera from the perspective of a singer and a conductor. Two outstanding musicians – Polish baritone Artur Rucinski and Italian conductor Pier Giorgio Morandi – take us on a journey to La Scala through the works of Italian masters, unveiling rich dramaturgy, musical layers and emotions accompanying opera. Let’s hear about different challenges each of them face, what connects their profession to sport and film and what role psychology plays in this context. True to the M.M.M. programme, there will be some tips and expert advice for those thinking about a professional career in classical music and opera.

Film by: Arth Pixels
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The sixth film in the Contemporary Creators series was recorded when China Moses and Troy Miller came to the Szczecin Philharmonic to perform a special concert at this year’s Music. Design. Form Festival. The artist and the producer told us how they met, what attracted them to each other and what were the circumstances of creating the new album. They also revealed a few personal stories and reflections about faith, family, roots, and cultural heritage. Join us to listen to a conversation about musical friendships and musical icons, about confidence and trying to find one’s way through the noise, about artistic courage and the bond with the audience.

PREMIERE: 12/11/22 @ YouTube

A film by: Arth Pixels
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17-11-2022, 13:28:30
We asked our Interns to think about their ideal cultural institution a few years from now. Here's what they had to say:

'To be a trailblazer'.
'To become an eye-opening place for others, as it is for me today'.
'Future institutions have to be young'.
'You need young people to be connected to what is actually going on'.
'A safe place to escape to, when you need a moment to forget about everything that is going on'.
'The programme should be inclusive and take into account the local context and the needs of local artists'.
'If you want something to change in our society, you start from the institution that you are in, the community that we are in'.
'In 2030 would like to see a wide range of people being able to tell their stories'.

Shared by M.M.M. Interns: Jędrzej Węzka, Binta M'Baye, Ilya Ram, Agata Janczy, Kasia Wasiak, Sam Domingo, Sarah Mansfield
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Join us online for the grand finale of the 10th edition of ILYO – International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra, coordinated by Mateusz Czarnowski and our M.M.M. Intern Agata Janczy. The concert is broadcast on the Philharmonic's Facebook and YouTube channels.

✪ International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra
✪ Marcin Zdunik – cello
✪ Ayyub Guliyev – conductor

♬ Mieczysław Karłowicz – Bianca da Molena. Symphonic prologue to the drama The White Dove by J. Nowiński, Op. 6
♬ Witold Lutosławski – Concerto for cello and orchestra
♬ Béla Bartók – Concerto for Orchestra in F minor, Sz. 116, BB 123

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22-08-2022, 13:37:47
We have completed another phase of tutoring sessions with the M.M.M. Interns. Listen to what they have to say about their experiences and the outcomes of their meetings with Mentors. We are impressed by the commitment and the work everyone has done in the last quarter. We are very pleased that they were willing to share their feedback on the programme.

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The second half of 2022 marks the most exciting phase of the M.M.M. programme. It will be the culmination of all thematic modules and turning several hundred hours of training and practice into concrete programming and production tasks. Interns from different parts of the world will present artistic concepts developed in project teams, using skillsets and knowledge gained last year during M.M.M.

We invite everyone to observe the effects of the programme and participate in the artistic season co-created by our interns both in Poland and Norway. At the project partners' – this year's Fjord Cadenza Festival (August 9th-14th) and in TRAFO Contemporary Art Center (exhibition from August 27th to November 13th); as well as in the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall, during the 10th anniversary edition of ILYO International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra (August 10th-19th) and MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival (September 21st-25th).

>> ilyo.filharmonia.szczecin.pl
>> mdf.filharmonia.szczecin.pl
>> fjordcadenza.no
>> trafo.art
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14-06-2022, 15:49:08

Avi Avital takes us on a journey to the magical world of the mandolin. An exceptional artist, a unique instrument, and a passionate conversation about searching for musical roots.

Avital talks about his Moroccan-Jewish background, his fascination with the folklore and traditional music of different cultures, and how they interweave with the classical music heritage.

PREMIERE: 21/04/22 @ 20:00 CET | YouTube

A film by: Arth Pixels

The fifth film in the Contemporary Creators series is a meeting with an artist who, against all odds chose an instrument from outside of the canon of orchestral music and became one of the most sought-after concert soloists in the world. Avital's captivating personality combined with his vast musical knowledge and artistic wisdom will guarantee a journey full of interesting anecdotes and inspiration. It is also a reflection on how not to fall into conformism and what it means to be responsible as an artist.

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21-04-2022, 15:58:41
The fourth film in the Contemporary Creators series is an honest in-depth conversation with Paweł Mykietyn, in which the composer confronts some difficult questions about the role of the artist today.

For example,

how can one justify a need to create new works in the age of massive overproduction?

Does direct contact with art still have as strong an impact as it once had? To what extent does one have to remain uncompromising, when is it better to trust the opinion of others, like fellow artists, audiences and critics? In the professional life of an artist, does experience go hand in hand with a sense of fulfillment and self-confidence?

PREMIERE: 22/01/22 @ 20:00 CET | YouTube
A film by: Arth Pixels
Duration: 40’

Paweł Mykietyn has been a recent guest at the Szczecin Philharmonic to premiere his new piece, composed especially for the MUSIC. DESIGN. FORM Festival. Inspired by the architecture of the building, and the festival’s theme – MINIMALISM – he took up the challenge of transferring the idea of simplicity and accessibility to the field of a musical piece, thus destroying the audience’s aesthetic habits.
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21-01-2022, 11:18:01

12 interns will co-create the programme of events in 2022!

It’s been a year since the M. Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin initiated an ambitious educational project called Music. Multimedia. Management.
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During the 4th edition of the MUSIC. DESIGN. FORM Festival, on September 22-26, 2021, Szczecin became the capital of minimalism.

Across a myriad of events – concerts, performances, exhibitions, conferences – artists and makers tried to express the maximum content through a minimal form. M.M.M. Trainees falso had their fair share in the preparation of the events!

This film by Kinomotiv allows you to take a sneak peak behind the scenes during the MDF Festival and experience this amazing adventure again!
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The theme of the fourth edition of the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival is MINIMALISM. The festival will open with an especially commissioned performance piece by composer Paweł Mykietyn, entitled Bauhaus Szczecin. The festival takes over the whole building of the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall (both in- and outdoors) between Wednesday the 22nd and Sunday the 26th September. M.M.M. Trainees are working alongside creative teams from the Szczecin Philharmonic and our Partner TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art.

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20-09-2021, 16:26:54
Third film in the Contemporary Creators series is an intimate meeting with two artists who are in close friendship with the Szczecin Philharmonic. It is a reminiscence of a premiere performance that took place during the last edition of the MUSIC. DESIGN. FORM Festival. It is also an invitation to the new album called Inner Symphonies and a record of an exceptional artistic journey that has led to signing a contract with the legendary publisher Deutsche Grammophon.

Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher will tell us how, in spite of the pandemic taking over the whole world, they managed to carry out their artistic vision in a total concentration and tranquillity, availing of the outstanding acoustic conditions of the Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin.

“Two women, after five years, equipped with new experiences, meet again as friends and as musicians. […] They return to this musical friendship with a totally new approach and new ideas”.


PREMIERE: 15/09, 20:00 CET | YouTube

Film by: Arth Pixels

This is the third film from the Music. Multimedia. Management. project, where outstanding artists and leading professionals working in the arts world discuss key issues impacting their profession today. They discuss creative processes, give insights into behind the scenes, consider the importance of marketing, audience development, reveal the sources of their inspiration and so much more!

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15-09-2021, 13:29:09
We invite you to join us online for the grand finale of the 9th edition of ILYO – International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra workshops, prepared with the participation of our M.M.M. trainees! The concert will be held with live audience and will be broadcast on our Facebook and YouTube channels (start: 7pm CET).

The idea behind ILYO is to provide an opportunity for aspiring instrumentalists to gain inspiration and polish their craft from some of Europe's finest musicians and to present themselves in a unique project inspired by the work of Witold Lutosławski.

✪ International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra
✪ Joanna Fleszer – Soprano
✪ Rune Bergmann – Conductor

♬ Albert Russel – "Petite suite" op. 39E
♬ Witold Lutosławski – Chantefleurs et chantefables
♬ Andrzej Panufnik – Symphony No. 5 "Sinfonia di Sfere"

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27-08-2021, 10:20:12
Audience Development

We received a virtual postcard from the M.M.M. Participants all around the globe!

Recently we've concluded the first part of the online training, but this is just the beginning of the journey for some of them!

Our team in the Szczecin Philharmonic has just been joined by a first group of trainees who will now have a chance to test their newly acquired skills and contribute to the preparations of ILYO International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra and the MDF Festival.

Meanwhile in Norway, the Fjord Cadenza Festival has just ended. Over the past two weeks a group of trainnes accompanied the festival team in the production and the execution of several concerts in the most spectacular surroundings of the norwegian fjords.
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17-08-2021, 14:54:24
The first part of the M.M.M. training programme took place in May and June.

Over 5 consecutive weeks, the course participants in six thematic modules met regularly during live online classes led by tutors from all around the world. During this period, we’ve held some 35 webinars connecting with experts from different time zones, from the US West Coast, through Iceland, UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, to Vietnam and Taiwan. More than 70 hours of live online meetings produced lots of interesting questions from emerging arts managers to do with effective leadership, teamwork and collaboration, outreach initiatives and creative audience engagement.

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30-07-2021, 15:47:07

The arts world has taken a 180° turn. In the M.M.M. programme, we are looking for interesting examples, how artists and institutions can adapt to a new digital model that the pandemic has accelerated.

A few weeks ago we travelled to Berlin to talk to Till Janczukowicz, artist manager, producer and the founder of IDAGIO – first audio streaming service specialised in classical music. It is now turning into a creators’ platform, a virtual campus where artists and audiences can meet and interact. Till speaks about our (Producer’s) role of a catalyst that helps turn the boldest artistic vision into a reality. What can happen when, with the use of technology, you open the doors to creative processes and let people in?

PREMIERE: 23/06, 20:00 CET | YouTube

Film by: Arth Pixels

This is the second film in a series Contemporary Creators from the Music. Multimedia. Management. project, where outstanding artists and leading professionals working in the arts world discuss key issues impacting their profession today. They discuss creative processes, give insights into behind the scenes, consider the importance of marketing, audience development, reveal the sources of their inspiration and so much more!

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Even though the applications for the M.M.M. training programme are now closed, you may still register on the M.M.M. Platform to access pre-recorded masterclasses and gain insights from our industry experts.

In the next stages of the programme, we will recruit a group of candidates from each module to help curate live events in Poland and in Norway.

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10-05-2021, 15:57:22
We met with Felice Ross in the midst of rehearsals for an upcoming production by Krzysztof Warlikowski in the New Theatre in Warsaw. Felice has been working with Warlikowski since 1998 and during this time has had a major impact on the advancement of the lighting design profession in Poland. She was born and educated in the USA, and later moved to Israel, being one of a few women to break into this male-dominated field and establish herself among the leading lighting designers working worldwide today across theatre, dance and opera. We asked about her sources of inspiration, her greatest influences and mentors, and how the profession has evolved for better or for worse. How to nurture the artist in you, how to upkeep your interest and passion and maintain a healthy life-work balance at the same time. What is it about Light that is so special?

PREMIERE: Thursday 6th May, 20:00 CET | YouTube

Directed by: Arth Pixels
Duration: 27 min

This is the first film in a series Contemporary Creators from the Music. Multimedia. Management. project, where outstanding artists and leading professionals working in the arts world discuss key issues impacting their profession today. They will discuss creative processes, give insights into behind the scenes, consider the importance of sound and lighting design to the overall concert experience, evaluate audience development and reveal the sources of their inspiration and so much more!
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06-05-2021, 12:34:56
We've extended the application deadline for the upcoming courses in the six thematic areas. Apply before midnight on Sunday 9th May to join the M.M.M. programme. Gain insights into integrating new technology and devising solutions to transform the classical music concert experience.

As a participant in the programme you may be selected for an internship to help curate a live event.
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04-05-2021, 21:22:20
Art Curation
In his opening Masterclass, Stanisław Ruksza speaks about how to release some new meanings of the old topics; how to extract different meanings from an artwork. He talks about the predispositions of a curator’s profession and a broad understanding of curatorship today: a curator as a scientist, a researcher, a co-creator, an artist, an interpreter, a mediator between the artist and the audience, a philosopher, a charismatic enthusiast, an efficient producer who knows how to look for resources, a freethinker who is willing to experience the unknown and who is not afraid to interrogate the established canons.

Masterclass is available on the M.M.M. Platform after the registration.

Read more about the Art Curation module here
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03-05-2021, 13:10:43
Light & Multimedia
In this masterclass, we accompany Lighting Designer Katarzyna Łuszczyk as she arrives in the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall for a technical visit, ahead of designing lights for a trumpet and piano duet in our Sun Hall. Katarzyna talks us through her creative process and her method step by step.
To kick off, you’ll see examples of Katarzyna’s previous works for theatre, dance, opera and music. You'll hear how to find your style and inspiration and why it is important to experiment.

Masterclass is available on the M.M.M. Platform after the registration.

Read more about the Light & Multimedia module here
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01-05-2021, 20:13:23
Artist Management
In his opening Masterclass, Gregor Kotow talks about the history of the of the Artist Manager profession; the business aspect vs. the passion for music; why and how to choose artists; what is the Manager-Artist relationship like? We invite you to watch the video featuring conversations with artists represented by the LIU KOTOW International Management & Promotion: cellist Camille Thomas and cellist Anastasia Kobekina.

Masterclass is available on the M.M.M. Platform after the registration here:

Read more about the Artist Management module here
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27-04-2021, 17:21:42
Music Education
Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva (Head of Education, Finnish National Opera and Ballet and Annika Kukkonen (Producer of Education, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra) talk about their professional background and what has led them to their current roles. Taking from the Finnish education model, they delve into what it means to lower the threshold of composing. Demonstrating case studies, they look into aspects like creative well-being, what it takes to be a good educator, as well as the tools and methods towards effective project management.

Masterclass is available on the M.M.M. Platform after the registration here:

Read more about the Music Education module here
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26-04-2021, 17:32:41
Audience Development
We are excited to continue the conversation with Kevin Kleinmann, our Expert in Audience Development. We hope the opening Masterclass left you invigorated and Kevin’s vision propelled some brave ideas, how to proactively create situations to engage people through art. This time we invite you to join the conversation. You are welcome to follow up on issues raised by Kevin in his opening lecture, or bring up your own suggestions and ideas. Send your question to Kevin via info@mmmproject.eu and we’ll make sure to address it during the session.

JOIN US this coming Tuesday 27th April:

13:30 CET | webinar with Jakub Stefek How to put ideas into practice

14:00 CET | live Q&A with Kevin Kleinmann

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21-04-2021, 16:19:52
Team Management
We invite you to watch the first Masterclass with Łukasz Borowicz – Chief Guest Conductor, Poznań Philharmonic, with guest appearance of our tutor Xoan Castineira – Managing Director, J. S. Bach St.Gallen.

Head Tutor Łukasz Borowicz speaks about team management in an international environment, providing an overview of individual systems, their advantages and disadvantages. What it means to manage orchestra as an institiution (what are the roles and what are the boundaries of artistic and general managements) and what it means to manage an artistic ensemble (strategy of the artistic development of an orchestra). You'll hear about musicians' careers – life of the orchestra musician, career path and a long-term perspective. 

Masterclass is available on the M.M.M. Platform after the registration.

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21-04-2021, 16:19:50

This is the first film in a series from the M.M.M. project, where outstanding artists and leading professionals working in the arts world discuss key issues impacting their profession today.

They will discuss creative processes, give insights into behind the scenes, consider the importance of sound and lighting design to the overall concert experience, evaluate audience development and reveal the sources of their inspiration and so much more!
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Our hand-picked experts from all around the world will guide the participants through a series of online meetings to articulate new ideas for career opportunities in the international arts sector.

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Szczecin Philharmonic announces a Call for Applicants for its innovative international education & development programme.

Launched with an international call for applicants, the Szczecin Philharmonic is delighted to announce details of its innovative and ambitious international education and development programme: Music.Multimedia.Management., scheduled to run through 2021/2022. Registration starts on 16th March 2021 with applications open from 1st April to 5th May 2021. Ideally, participants would have a background in the arts, be currently working in an arts-related sector and be interested in developing and enhancing their skills overall in the creative arts arena. Through this enterprising, carefully crafted and forward-thinking development scheme, they will gain a greater awareness of all aspects of the whole creative and production process.
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What are the challenges we face in enhancing and transforming the world of classical music concerts? How do we integrate the online experience into a world where live events may soon become possible again? How do we bring fresh new perspectives to live concert occasions?

These are some of the many pertinent questions posed by the Szczecin Philharmonic in its brand-new Music.Multimedia.Management. multidisciplinary international educational and development programme directed at young arts professionals, launched today.
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