We asked our Interns to think about their ideal cultural institution a few years from now. Here's what they had to say:

'To be a trailblazer'.
'To become an eye-opening place for others, as it is for me today'.
'Future institutions have to be young'.
'You need young people to be connected to what is actually going on'.
'A safe place to escape to, when you need a moment to forget about everything that is going on'.
'The programme should be inclusive and take into account the local context and the needs of local artists'.
'If you want something to change in our society, you start from the institution that you are in, the community that we are in'.
'In 2030 would like to see a wide range of people being able to tell their stories'.

Shared by M.M.M. Interns: Jędrzej Węzka, Binta M'Baye, Ilya Ram, Agata Janczy, Kasia Wasiak, Sam Domingo, Sarah Mansfield
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