M.M.M. is a 2-year project running from 1st January 2021 until 31st December 2022.
Below is a timeline of the training stages:

16 march 2021
Registration opens: Expressions of interest
At this stage we invite candidates to indicate which module they are interested in and provide some basic information.
23 march 2021
Opening Masterclass :: Audience Development
Arts Consultant Kevin Kleinmann shares his insights and outlines new perspectives and opportunities for open-minded participants.
01 april 2021
Applications open
Recruitment starts for six thematic modules
05 may 2021
Applications close
End of recruitment – Candidates' selection
14 may 2021
Candidates announced
For each module up to 30 participants will be selected
24 may 2021
START of the online courses
Webinars in real time with elements of interaction with your Tutors
28 june 2021
END of the online courses
Certificate of Completion & Qualifications to Level 2: Practical Training
01 august 2021
START of the practical training
2 weeks of practical training in Poland and in Norway for 24 selected candidates
11 august 2021
Fjord Cadenza Festival
A festival grounded in classical music, that is inspired by and situated in the middle of the Norwegian fjords. Concerts are held in site-specific places such as an old factory or church, and even on top of the fjord. >> till 15th August
23 august 2021
International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra 2021
We invite young musicians from Poland and other European countries to our headquarters to see the work of the orchestra's patron under the guidance of renowned instrumentalists and educators. The culmination of the weekly work is the final concert in the golden symphony hall of the Szczecin Philharmonic. >> till 29th August
22 september 2021
A festival that provides space for the display of trends and laws governing the contemporary design and the unique role of music in them. >> till 26th September
30 september 2021
END of the practical training
Certificate of Completion & Qualifications to Level 3: Internships
01 december 2021
START of individual mentoring sessions
10h of one-on-one individual sessions with your Tutor
01 july 2022
START of internships
2-month internships in Poland and Norway for 12 selected candidates
30 september 2022
END of internships
Certificate of Completion. Evaluation