MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival | 22-26 September 2021
MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM. Festival is a festival that provides space for the display of trends and laws governing contemporary design and its relationship with music.

The festival consists of various events: chamber and symphonic concerts, exhibitions, workshops, meetings and discussions, happenings, animations and multimedia presentations, light and sound installations, all with the participation of outstanding artists from Poland and abroad. Everything is connected by a common denominator – form – and integrated into the extraordinary architectural space of the Philharmonic building in Szczecin.

The theme of the fourth edition of the MUSIC.DESIGN.FORM Festival is MINIMALISM. The festival will open with an especially commissioned performance piece by composer Paweł Mykietyn, entitled Bauhaus Szczecin. The festival takes over the whole building of the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall (both in- and outdoors) between Wednesday the 22nd and Sunday the 26th September.
Level 4 Gallery
As part of the partnership with TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, the Level 4 Gallery of the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall will host a programme of exhibitions of Polish and international artists, specifically programmed for this space. The exhibitions will focus on the interconnectivity between the world of music and visual arts, such as the musicality of literature, performativity of the artistic disciplines, the impact of visual arts on music and vice versa.


LITTLE WHIRLPOOLS OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN – Exhibition accompanying the Music.Design.Form Festival (Opening: Thursday 23/09 @ 20:00)
ILYO International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra | 23-27 August 2021
ILYO is an international project designed specifically for young musicians – students and graduates of music academies. It was inaugurated in 2013 to mark the centenary of the birth of the Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski. Year on year, the Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin is a host to young musicians aged 18-30 who get to know Lutoslawski’s works guided by highly regarded instrumentalists and mentors. On completion of a week’s practice the participants give a final concert in the golden symphonic hall of the Szczecin Philharmonic.

Fjord Cadenza Festival | 11-15 August 2021
Fjord Cadenza is a festival organized since 1993 in an unusual setting of Norwegian fjords. Its formula has evolved into an event of international renown, while maintaining the local character and influence on the life of the inhabitants of the Møre og Romsdal region. Concerts are held in non-standard spaces such as an old factory or church, and even on top of the fjord. Fjord Cadenza is an event in which the artistic dimension is as important as its impact on its audience. The local community and its influence on the cultural life of the region has always been an inseparable element of its philosophy.
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