M.M.M. A two-year journey

As we bid farewell to 2022, the M.M.M. project has come to an end. What a fantastic journey it has been!

When two years ago we were introducing the idea of Music.Multimedia.Management., the project seemed challenging and complex and… it certainly was! An ambitious endeavour set out by the Szczecin Philharmonic has materialised in a way that surpassed our expectations.

We had two wonderful partners join us in this adventure , a Norwegian music festival Fjord Cadenza and our local partner TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art.

The project team continued to grow and soon we were joined by two extraordinary film production companies: Kinomotiv who produced a series of bespoke masterclasses and webinars; and Arth Pixels who delivered a series of intimate interviews with contemporary role models in the arts sector. Graphic design was a creation of an award-winning, Warsaw-based studio Podpunkt and the online platform was built by our local Atektura.

Today, after hundreds of meetings and inspiring lectures delivered by experts from all over the world to participants all over the world, after many hours or recordings and many weeks of event production, having built professional relations and close friendships, we are happy to say that the journey called M.M.M. has been a success.

We are now excited to share with you a special documentary tracing the 2 years of the project!

The narrators in our story are the project participants who have been on the journey from start to finish and who have given M.M.M. its final shape and filled it with content. Hear also from the project leader and originator Dorota Serwa, Director of the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall; M.M.M. Project Manager Ewa Senger; as well as some of the inerantional experts invited to the programme, Kevin Kleinmann and Xoan Castineria .

Two of the M.M.M. Interns, Sarah Mansfield and Ilya Ram take us through the project milestones: the recruitment, the online courses, practical training, internships, mentoring sessions with experts like Rune Bergmann, of Szczecin Philharmonic and Fjord Cadenza Festival; Gregor Kotow of LIU KOTOW; Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva, Finish National Opera and Balet; Felice Ross and Ellen Ruge, leading lighting designers, Nguyễn Quốc Thành curator and artist; Mortiz Bergfeld, sound producer, Xoan Castineira; Till Janczukowicz of IDAGIO, or Stanisław Ruksza of TRAFO Center of Contemporary Art.
19-12-2022, 21:38:14