Meet our Tutors

Our hand-picked experts from all around the world will guide the participants through a series of online meetings to articulate new ideas for career opportunities in the international arts sector.

In a series of carefully prepared virtual classrooms with leading professionals working in concert halls, galleries and cultural organisations: conductors, artistic directors, curators, artists, managers, producers, designers, technicians, educators, policy-makers – we will look at diverse processes, tools and methods in the creation and production of interdisciplinary artistic events.

Who is who

Head Tutor:
Łukasz Borowicz, Chief Guest Conductor of the Poznań Philharmonic (Poznan)
Guest Tutors:
Rune Bergmann, Music Director, Calgary Philharmonic; Artistic Director & Chief Conductor, Szczecin Philharmonic; Artistic Director, Fjord Cadenza Festival (Calgary-Skodje-Szczecin)
Xoan Castineira, Managing Director, J.S. Bach Foundation St.Gallen (St.Gallen)
Marzena Diakun, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor ORCAM (Madrid)
Maria Sydor, Conductor (Szczecin)
Maciej Żółtowski, Music Director (Oneonta, NY)

Head Tutors:
Annika Kukkonen, Producer of Education, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra (Helsinki)
Tuula Jukola-Nuorteva, Head of Education, Finnish National Opera and Ballet (Helsinki)
Guest Tutors:
Ron Alvarez, Artistic Director, El Sistema Sweden and Dream Orchestra (Gothenburg)
Prof. Julian Lloyd Webber, former Principal, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (Birmingham)

Head Tutor:
Gregor Kotow, LIU KOTOW International Management & Promotion (Hannover)
Guest Tutors:
Kathryn Enticott, Enticott Music Management (London)
Lydia Kuo, CEO, Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra (Taiwan)
Stanisław Suchora, CEO, Sonora (Berlin)
Florian Riem, Secretary General, Federation of International Music Competitions (Geneva)
prof. Oliver Wille, Artistic Director, Chamber Music Festival Sommerliche Musiktage Hitzacker (Hannover)
Guest Artists:
Anastasia Kobekina, Cellist
Camille Thomas, Cellist

Head Tutor:
Joanna Napieralska, Sound Designer (Warsaw)
Guest Tutors:
dr Dorota Błaszczak, Sound Engineer, VR Designer (Warsaw)
dr Wojciech Błażejczyk, Composer, Sound Designer, Multimedia Designer (Warsaw)
Przemysław Danowski, Sound Designer, Multimedia Designer (Warsaw)
prof. Krzysztof Kuraszkiewicz, Sound Designer (Warsaw)
dr hab. Jarosław Regulski, Sound Designer (Warsaw)
Michał Szostakowski, Sound Designer (Warsaw)
Erik Valderhaug, Sound Designer, Director – Lydkjelleren (Ålesund)

Head Tutor:
Stanisław Ruksza, Director, TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art (Szczecin)
Guest Tutors:
Andrew Berardini, Writer, Editor, Curator (LA)
Bartek Buczek, Visual Artist (Cracow)
Marianna Dobkowska, Curator (Warsaw)
Anka Kobierska, Producer, Curator (Warsaw-Tricity)
Anna Marjankowska, Art Manager (Reykjavik)
Nguyễn Quốc Thành, Artist, Curator (Hanoi)

Head Tutor:
Katarzyna Łuszczyk, Lighting Desginer (Warsaw)
Guest Tutors:
Paweł Murlik, Lighting Designer (Warsaw)
Paweł „Spider” Pająk, Creative Visual Producer, Creative Director, Lighting & Multimedia Designer (Warsaw)
Special Guest:
Felice Ross, Lighting Designer (Tel Aviv)

Head Tutor:
Kevin Kleinmann, Arts Consultant (Paris)