Team Management
Masterclass with Head Tutor Łukasz Borowicz
We invite you to watch the first Masterclass with Łukasz Borowicz – Chief Guest Conductor, Poznań Philharmonic, with guest appearance of our tutor Xoan Castineira – Managing Director, J. S. Bach St.Gallen.

Head Tutor Łukasz Borowicz speaks about team management in an international environment, providing an overview of individual systems, their advantages and disadvantages. What it means to manage orchestra as an institiution (what are the roles and what are the boundaries of artistic and general managements) and what it means to manage an artistic ensemble (strategy of the artistic development of an orchestra). You'll hear about musicians' careers – life of the orchestra musician, career path and a long-term perspective. 

Masterclass is available on the M.M.M. Platform after the registration.
21-04-2021, 16:19:50