Paweł 'Spider' Pająk - Creative Visual Director & Producer (Warsaw)
Creative Director, Creative Visual Producer, Lighting and Multimedia Designer & Programmer, Video Content Director, Designer and Producer.

For 20 years he has been continuously collaborating with artists, managements, producers, agencies and international brands in the field of visual experience development.
On the Polish market, he is a precursor in the field of creative visual production of live events and one of the most recognized specialists in this field. Known for a holistic and artistic approach to the creation of projects and their execution, as well as for an innovative approach to the implementation of the latest technologies, which sets trends in the field of creative visual production of live events.

From the very beginning of his professional career he has been collaborating with many artists of the Polish music scene. In recent years, he stands behind the designs and creative visual production for Dawid Podsiadło's spectacular shows and concert tours.
For many years he has been commisioned as creative visual director and creative producer of “Zywiec Meskie Granie” festival tours.
He designed lighting and multimedia for many music festivals, incl. Sunrise Festival, OFF Festival, Open'Er, Sacrum Profanum, Film Music Festival, "Jimek +" Festival.

He has completed many projects in the Middle East, among which it is worth mentioning the multimedia spectacle on the occasion of the "44th UAE National Day" in Dubai, for which he was awarded in the category "Best Event Lighting Design of the Year" at Middle East Event Awards.

In 2018, he established PERCEPTO – a brand dedicated to international cooperation, which acts as a hub providing a platform for the exchange of experiences and creative collaboration for specialists from around the world.
He runs an interdisciplinary studio called PERCEPTO [LAB], which specializes in creating visual concepts, integrating the latest technologies and focusing on creative production of events and PERCEPTO [VFX] which specializes in designing and producing video content, creating 3d generative content as well as introducing and developing solutions based on XR (Extended Reality) technology.

He is a valued advisor and consultant in the field of new technologies and lighting. In this field, he works directly with companies producing lighting and multimedia equipment. His completed projects were used by producers as showcases and presented in international press and online publications.

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