Michał Szostakowski - Sound Designer (Warsaw)
Michał Szostakowski – in 2013 graduated from Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw from Sound Engineering department with master degree in sound engineering. During his studies he was involved with publisher DUX Recording Producers and with Warsaw theatres (Konsekwentny, Roma music theatre) as sound engineer. After graduating, engaged as teaching assistant in his home university – teaches subjects from field of music recording and multimedia. He received a scholarship of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Since 2015 he ends his theatrical activity to focus on music recording and teaching. During his career so far he participated in over a 100 CD projects and many documentary recordings covering wide spectrum of classical music: solo, chamber, symphonic and opera. Worked in projects with the participation of artists such as Krzysztof Penderecki, Ingolf Wunder, Gabor Boldoczki, Szymon Nehring, Łukasz Borowicz, Katarzyna Budnik, Robert Kabara, Daniel Kotliński and others. His recordings were repeatedly nominated to Polish Phonographic Academy Award – Fryderyk and recognized by international critique (nominations 2021, ICMA 2020, ICMA 2018 and ICMA 2016, reward ICMA 2017 in categoryi Contemporary for the CD Oriental Trumpet Concertos).
Trained as classical pianist in music school (12 years course), now plays only when time affords and nobody is in hearing range. As part of PhD he studies virtual reality as a medium for musical recording.